Student Work

I am so impressed with my latest dressmaking group at Friends Centre.  I’ve been running 10 week courses in dressmaking for a number of years but have never had a group where everyone has a finished garment by the end of the course.  This term’s class have all got on brilliantly and been so enthusiastic about their own and each other’s projects and they’ve been a great bunch to teach!  The group managed to produce a huge range of different tops, dresses, shirts and jackets over 10 weeks / 20 hours.

I was a little unsure when Peter arrived in the first week with a shirt pattern and said he’d never used a commercial pattern before or done much dressmaking.  He also had to miss a few classes due to work and I did wonder if he would complete his shirt.  I’m always encouraging and optimistic and am pleased to show off his fantastic shirt which he was proudly wearing at the end of the last session.  I have to also add that he even found time to make 2 children’s dresses for his family.  Very impressed!!

Peter's Shirt

Peter’s Shirt – perfectly matching stripes!! (You can’t even see the patch pocket as it is so well placed!)


Emm was also a complete beginner to commercial patterns and turned up with a pattern for a jacket and faux fur fabric.  The pattern was from Vogue and was to be fully lined.  A huge challenge to pull this off in 10 weeks but again the garment was completed! A great achievement as I would never suggest a Vogue pattern for a beginner or even a jacket.  Great work Emm!!

Emm's Jacket

Emm’s Jacket


Loula also said she had no dressmaking experience but produced this beautiful dress in 10 weeks – well  – 9 weeks really as she only began cutting out the pattern in the second week.  It even includes lining in the top section and a concealed zip in the side.

Loula's Dress

Loula’s Dress


Claire was another complete beginner and wanted to make children’s dresses.  I think by the end of the course she had made 3 or maybe even more as she was busily continuing the work at home, using the same pattern and trying out new ideas.  Claire’s latest garment is in this fab bird print fabric and really cute.

Claire's Dress

Claire’s Dress


This was the second term for both Pippa and Christen.  Having successfully made pyjama bottoms in their first 10 weeks they decided on another challenge – Pippa making a shirt from fabulous bicycle fabric and Christen making this lovely summer top from a stunning geometric cotton print.


Pippa's Shirt - Beautiful bicycle fabric!

Pippa’s Shirt – Beautiful bicycle fabric!

Christen's Summer Top

Christen’s Summer Top


The other students were a bit more camera shy so aren’t included here – maybe I can get a few of them on here in the summer term!

I’m just so impressed with everyone’s work this term I wanted to show them off!!

Dressmaking classes at Friends Centre run each term.  If you’re keen to sign up you’ll have to wait until the autumn as the summer class is already full.  For more information see Friends Centre’s website where you can download the latest brochure:





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