Get to Know your Overlocker – Saturday Workshop!

Julia Hincks with Overlocker / Serger

Julia Hincks with Overlocker / Serger


I finally got round to organising and running my first ‘Get to Know your Overlocker‘ workshop at Friends Centre in Brighton.

I’m never sure how these workshops will go, especially as I’d not run one on using the overlocker before.  I’m pleased to say I think it went really well.

It’s amazing how many people buy overlockers and are put off by threading them and so don’t use them!  2 of my students hadn’t even got theirs out of the box.

I went through stitching inside and outside corners, stitching curves, changing the machine settings – stitch length and width, differential feed, cutting width and tensions.  I saved the threading part for last – to ensure everyone had confidence of using the machine first!  Unsurprisingly everyone said how much easier they thought the threading was than they had expected – I guess it’s a case of being forced into doing it and feeling confident that there’s someone on hand to help should it all go wrong!

I’m going to post some tips on threading soon, along with some videos to help with this process!

As the day went so well I’ll be running more!  The next one is on Saturday 28th February 2015 at Friends Centre.  There’s more info on my ‘Sewing Classes and Workshops‘ page.  Don’t leave it too late to sign up! – there’s only 2 places left!!

2 thoughts on “Get to Know your Overlocker – Saturday Workshop!

  1. Sarah Wilson says:

    I’m disappointed to see I’ve missed out on a place on your overlocking course in Feb, will you be doing another any time soon?

    • jhincks says:

      Hi Sarah
      I’m definitely going to be offering more – I think the next one will be in May – I just need to finalise the dates. I can let you know once these are confirmed?

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