New Look K6023 – Version 3

Versions 1 and 2 of New Look K6023 were really quick to make and as I was on a roll I thought I’d stitch up another one!

For version 3 I used a combination of styles D and B

Version 2IMG_3491IMG_3491

I wanted this next version to have sleeves so I took the sleeve pattern from style B and then added this to my adaptations of pattern D.

I decided to take in the sides slightly more but I didn’t adjust the neckline and so the finished garment gaped a little at the neckline.  To make it sit flatter I put in tiny pleats at the centre front and then attached the facing.  This didn’t really help and the facing then wouldn’t sit flat, despite being trimmed, clipped and understitched.

Version 3 was really turning into a bit of a disaster so I trimmed the facing to make it narrower and then topstitched it in place.  This is really not the right thing to do but I wanted to finish it.  I’m normally more of a perfectionist but on this occasion I decided to  just do anything to make it wearable.  Just so long as no-one looks at the insides!

So here it it…

Finished version in houndstooth fabric from Fabric Land

Finished version in houndstooth ponte roma fabric from Fabric Land and black ponte roma from the Fabric Godmother

Pleats at the centre front

Pleats at the centre front


Hem finished with the coverstitch machine

I’ve not worn it out yet  – I might try it for work next week and see what the response is like!

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