Do you need an Overlocker?

I get asked this question a lot and the simple answer for me is yes!

If you want your sewing to look more professional then you definitely need one.

You may have an ‘overcast’ stitch setting on your regular sewing machine but I bet it doesn’t look as neat and professional as the finish of an overlocker.

Depending on your skill level you may not be ready for an overlocker yet but once you’ve had a go on one, you’ll definitely want your own.

To share my love of overlocking and the best uses of the overlocker I’ve written an article for Sewing Made Simple magazine which is available from today from all good newsagents and online!

For a sneak preview have a look here:


I’ll be running more ‘Get to Know Your Overlocker’ workshops at the Fabric Godmother’s studio in Hove on 16th January, 6th February and 12th March.  For more information or to book a place click here.

I’ll also be teaching ‘Make a Dress on your Overlocker’ workshop on 27th February. More information to follow soon on that!

Happy overlocking!!


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