There are generally 3 types of collar, flat, standing and rolled.  The difference between the types of collar types is to do with how the pattern is designed and how the collars sit when they are worn.

Flat collars sit flat against the garment and shoulders, such as in the Peter Pan collar or sailor’s collar.

Standing collars do just that – they stand up away from the neckline, such as the mandarin collar or polo collar

Rolled collars stand up slightly at the neck edge and then roll over towards the outside of the garment.  The shawl collar is a type of rolled collar.

The tutorials and videos below will show you how to sew and attach different collars.


Flat Collars:

Attaching a Peter Pan Collar (my video) – this is part 1

Attaching a Neckline Facing (my video) – this is part 2

Peter Pan collar with facing  (with professor pincushion)

How to attach a shirt collar


Peter Pan Collar (piped collar, finished with bias binding)

Peter Pan Collar (finished with a lining)

Peter Pan Collar (with a lace trim)