Easing is technique used in sewing to attach a longer piece of fabric to a shorter one.

Please note: This is not the same as wearing or design ‘ease’ which is a term used to describe the extra space in a garment, required for movement (wearing ease) or as a design feature (design ease)

Easing is usually done when inserting a sleeve (the sleeve is larger than the armhole), sewing princess seams or attaching a waistband to the top of a skirt or trousers (where the waistband is slightly smaller than the top of the garment.

The technique is similar to that used in gathering but the result should appear flat and not gathered or puckered.

There are a number of ways to ease two pieces of fabric together.

Easing (on a princess seam)

Julia’s video showing 3 techniques


Links to other videos / tutorials:


Easing (to insert a sleeve)

Inserting a set in sleeve