Slashed Pockets

Slashed pockets are made by cutting through the garment.  These are the most difficult type of pocket to create since they required very precise marking, stitching and cutting.

There are three main types of slash pocket, differing in the way in which the opening is finished: bound pocket, pocket with flap and a welt pocket.

Bound pockets look like large versions of the bound buttonhole. They can also be referred to as a double welt pocket, jetted pocket or besom pockets. They can be finished with a button and loop for added decoration or function.



Bound pockets can be constructed in different ways. You can construct from just one long piece of fabric, creating the welts (lips) and pocket from the same piece of fabric (see ‘easy self welt pocket’) but often a lighter fabric is required for the pocket bag and so the welts or lips will be cut from fabric which matches the garment and the pocket pieces are cut from lighter lining fabric.

Pockets with a flap are an adaptation of the bound pocket and the flap can usually be posted into the pocket so you can either have it on show, or hidden.

Welt pockets are another variation of the bound pocket, where instead of two ‘lips’ you have just one.

Follow the links to my videos on these different techniques:

How to Create a Bound Pocket (using separate welt and pocket pieces)

How to Create a Welt Pocket (using the ‘self welt’ / one piece method)


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