Seam Techniques

There are many different ways to finish seams.

Click on the links below to take you to videos on how to do each of the following techniques:

  1. How to stitch a seam / Pinked edge / Zig-zag edge using the overcast foot
  2. 3 step zig-zag edge / Clean finish or turned & stitched
  3. Overlocked edge 
  4. Crossed seam
  5. French seam
  6. Welt Seam
  7. Fell seam (otherwise known as flat fell or machined fell seam)
  8. Bias bound seam with machined finish
  9. Bias bound seam with hand finish
  10. Hong Kong finish (alternative machine binding)
  11. Closed slot seam
  12. Open slot seam
  13. Piped seam
  14. Net bound seam